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Creative & developing events and courses

Are you ready for fun and developing events?

We create courses and events aimed at both companies and private individuals to help each person reduce daily stress and discover the joy in life. A perfect opportunity for team building, creativity development and relaxation.

Unique courses with personal development in focus

All courses are basically about well-being, which is the basis of being able to develop as a person. With clear plans and goals, you can become the best version of yourself, both privately and in your career!

Painting event

Discover our painting events where we come to you - Let go and discover your inner child

All Levels

Oavsett om du målat innan eller aldrig rört en pensel får du guidning efter din nivå. Lär dig måla - eller släpp lös och ha bara kul med färgen!


How about some cheese and wine with the painting or maybe coffee. We can also arrange catering!

Mötet - Tavla av Olof Chronvall, E5Art

Events anywhere

We bring the creativity to you! Starting from Växjö, the event can be anywhere, we fix everything, you enjoy painting!

Boosts creativity

By participating in a creative process together, you get the chance to recharge and return to work and life with renewed energy and perspective.

Who am I?

Hej, jag är Olof Chronvall, grundaren och kreatiiva kraften bakom Go Alive! Jag specialiserar mig i att utforma kurser och event som hjälper dig att leva ett autentiskt och glädjefyllt liv. När vi påbörjar den här resan blir din personliga utveckligen och glädje mitt uppdrag, och tillsammans kommer vi att hitta vägen till en mer lyckligare verision av dig.

Through my events and courses, I don't just lead, I collaborate with you to bring out the best in yourself. Let's explore the possibilities of change together!

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Customize your event

Experience the difference with personally planned events and courses! I am here to answer your questions and tailor a memorable occasion just for you. Prices vary depending on group size and location. Call me now and let's start creating your next event together!

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